Finally, my very first blog entry!

Yes. I finally did it: Setup my very own blog and created my first blog entry. It’s actually something I’ve been wanting to do for a loooong time (2+ years!) but hey, time flies and here I am as 2017 is in it’s final stretch.

So whats up with this blog? Well, my daughter thought I would be blogging about shopping, doing taste-tests and so forth, but as disappointing as it may be, I’m not gonna do that - although I will throw her a couple of emojis just for the idea: :dog: :kiss: :princess: :clap: :two_hearts: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

This blog is for my technical ramblings, and while it may be about C# and .NET, Domain Driven Design, Clean Code, microservices, Continous Integration & Deployment, Dependency Injection, Feature Toggling and much more, I will start out by blogging about what I also love a lot: Frontend web development.

I’ve been doing web development for 15+ years primarily for the desktop, transitioned into responsive web design for desktop, tablet and mobile and from there to native and hybrid app development with xcode and Cordova, but what has really caught my attention recently is Progressive Web Apps and especially the transition from native app development into PWAs.

Though we’ve been able to develop mobile apps using HTML5, CSS & JS for some years now using Cordova and native WebViews, we still had to ship them through the stores including editorial reviews and delay and we still had to wrap the app in a native shell for each platform (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

This is now changing! We are finally able to do the same but delivering our apps directly to our users through our own website or CDN. I think that’s absolutely amazing and will be the biggest game changer for app development since… well, apps!

Stay tuned as I start my new blog series on building a progressive web app using Ionic…